Norrsken Foundation wins 2018’s prestigious CFA Sweden ESG Award

Every year CFA Society Sweden, through the ”CFA Sweden ESG Award,” recognizes an individual, organization or group that has raised awareness of the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) considerations in the investment process. Tonight, the CFA Sweden ESG Award will be presented to Norrsken Foundation at the Society’s Annual Forecast Dinner.

“This year’s award will be given to an organization which leads the way and thinks big. Norrsken’s investments show how businesses can combine financial returns with positive impacts on society within wide areas such as for instance: food waste, the sharing economy, education, e-health, and sustainable agriculture” announces Henrik Malmsten, Chairman of CFA Society Sweden’s ESG Committee.

Norrsken was founded by Niklas Adalberth in 2016 and has since created a portfolio consisting of start-up companies with three investment criteria:

  • First is the expected impact, i.e. the positive effect of the business on people or our planet
  • The second criterion is the expected scalability, i.e. the solution should be rapidly scalable and generate a big impact within a short time period.
  • The third criterion is the financial robustness of the business model.

Apart from investing in businesses with potential to radically improve world sustainability, Norrsken Foundation also runs ”Norrsken House” which is a creative cluster for over 350 entrepreneurs who want to improve the world by solving society’s biggest challenges.

Contact for inquiries: Magnus Kovacec, CFA, Executive Director of CFA Society Sweden Tel.: +46 (0)76 426 4980

Press statement issued 2019-03-07

CFA Society Sweden is a not-for-profit organisation of investment professionals based in Sweden, founded in 2003. It aims to promote a high level of professionalism among its members and the broader investment community. The organisation has 165 members who are CFA Charterholders.

CFA Charterholder is a person who successfully completed the CFA program which is considered amongst the most challenging financial exams in the world. There are currently over 150,000 CFA Charterholders worldwide. The CFA program is administered by the CFA Institute.

Picture courtesy of Norrsken House

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