Climate Risk, Valuation & Investing Certificate

Develop the skills you need to integrate climate-related investing principles into the investment process and expand your network within a community of professionals.

Understand the Risks, Discover the Opportunities


While climate change poses significant financial risks, transitioning towards a more sustainable, low carbon future is also creating new opportunities, including in sectors like renewable energy, green infrastructure, and green financial instruments. Climate-related risks and opportunities in climate investing are increasingly seen as material factors to be included in investment decision making.

The new Climate Risk, Valuation, and Investing Certificate provides a practical approach to build the knowledge and skills you need to integrate climate considerations into valuation and portfolio construction processes. Develop the expertise to simplify complex climate concepts and facilitate effective communication with stakeholders and clients.

For Practitioners by Practitioners

This advanced climate certificate directly addresses the practical integrations and considerations of climate related matters in valuation and portfolio constructions. It develops skills using application-based activities and content based on case studies from around the world enabling learners to apply climate-related investment principles to real-world scenarios.

Learning Communities

As a learner you progress through the climate certificate as part of a cohort with other professionals. Connect with investment professionals around the world and engage with the curriculum through a combination of self-study, online discussion, peer reviews, and optional live events.

About This Certificate

The Climate Risk, Valuation, and Investing Certificate uses application-based activities and case studies from around the world to help you learn to apply climate-related investment principles to real-world scenarios. Learn how to integrate climate principles into valuations and portfolio building, conduct scenario analysis, and communicate your insights effectively with stakeholders.

Join a global community of learners as you progress through the certificate, building your network and exchanging ideas while supported by an expert facilitator to ensure you get the most out of your cohort experience.

Courses and Final Assessment

Each course spans four weeks, with a week’s buffer before the next course begins. You can decide how to allot your time each week, but it will be important to keep pace with each course. As part of a cohort, you’ll share ideas, broaden perspectives, and cultivate valuable skills and competencies in climate investing.

Learn more about the cohort experience (PDF)

The courses and final assessment are to be completed as they appear. Courses must be completed successfully to sit for the final assessment. Course descriptions are provided below or you can view the learning objectives (PDF)

Exam Fees

You can register for the Climate Risk, Valuation, and Investing Certificate Investing for USD 1,590.00

Develop the competencies and skills needed to integrate climate-related investing principles into the investment process and expand your network within a community of professionals.

The first cohort starts in February 2024. Please log in to your account through CFA Institute for member price.

Why Earn a Certificate in Climate Investing?

  • Learn from established practitioners to build the practical skills required in a growing number of investment decisions.
  • Gain skills and resources to identify opportunities, improve valuations, and mitigate risks.
  • Meet evolving demands and understand considerations that are increasingly an essential part of the industry.
  • Learn from a curriculum that is built on the latest industry research and practice so you stay up to date in the evolving landscape of investing.
  • Advance in your career by demonstrating your skills and commitment with a certificate from a trusted provider.
  • Build your network and learn as part of a diverse cohort of investment professionals from around the world.

Become a Member of CFA Society Sweden

To help you prepare for the Certificate in Climate Investing, CFA Society Sweden provides a forum to help pace your study time and find others who are preparing the exam concurrently.

Once you have passed the Certificate in Climate Investing, you may become a local member of CFA Society Sweden and benefit from continuous education session on the topic of Climate investing as well as a broad range of other investment-related topics, including ethics. You will also be invited to our regular network gatherings where you will be able to exchange ideas and find answers to your questions with other members.

Study Groups

CFA Society Sweden is keen to support candidates that want to organize or join study groups for the Certificate in Climate Risk, Valuation and Investing. Joining a study group is an effective resource in preparing for the exam. These groups will be informal in nature and the ability of CFA Society Sweden to assist in setting them up is dependent on the interest we get from candidates. If you are planning to take the CFA exam, consider organizing or joining a study group. If you are interested, please send an email to stating your name, telephone number and the exam you are preparing.

Preparatory Courses

Every year, CFA Society Sweden tries to coordinate with external providers of Prep Courses in order to provide a short overview of the options available to help you prepare the exam most effectively.

Other Events

As a CFA candidate in Sweden, you have access to a large network of investment professionals, through contact with current candidates/future CFA charterholders as well as with current charterholders.

We regularly arrange a number of both professional and more informal social events where you can freely discuss any issues with CFA Charter holders and members of the Society.


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