Brand New Strategy for CFA Society Sweden’s ESG Committee

This spring CFA Society Sweden took a proactive step to recruit new members to its ESG Committee and the interest was very high among the holders of CFA Institute’s Certificate in ESG Investing.

The newly formed committee has met twice and proposed a new strategy that was accepted by the board at its last board meeting before the summer.

First of all, the committee reshaped its mission to include a more proactive outreach to the community of analysts and other ESG specialists locally. The aim is for the committee to also continue in the tradition of designating the winner of the CFA Society Sweden’s annual ESG Award.

The new mission is the following:

The CFA Society Sweden’s ESG Committee aims to promote and improve ESG analysis within the investment community in Sweden by:

  • promoting the CFA ESG Certificate and other CFA Institute educational programs related to sustainable investments
  • creating a community of ESG analysts, investors and service providers through the organisation of events and the diffusion of relevant information
  • designating the receiver of the CFA Society Sweden’s annual ESG Award

The work of the committee is driven by Simone Hirschvogl, CFA (chair) and Aline Gustafsson, CFA (executive officer). 

Other members include

  • Alfred Askeljung
  • Anette Andersson
  • Niclas Düring
  • Yuhan Guo
  • Karoline Hatlestad
  • John Howchin
  • Irene Mastelli
  • Kristians Mikelsons, CFA
  • Johanna Orring
  • Mia Störlopare
  • Rawand Sultani
  • Nikolina Trcak
  • Tomas Valnek
  • Irina Velieva

The committee now has its work cut out for the autumn and aims to arrange two to three events around relevant themes and to open these events to a community of highly engaged ESG analysts and experts. Stay tuned to these upcoming opportunities and pleae do reach out if you are interested in finding out more about the work of the ESG Committee.

CFA Society Sweden’s ESG Committee – Strategy Meeting, May 2024

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