​The Board is responsible for creating an efficient organization and for the overall management of its affairs. The Board shall ascertain that its activities are continuously evaluated. The Board sets the objectives and strategic plans for the Society. The officers of the Board are elected by the Annual Meeting of Members.

Fredrik Nilsson, CFA


David Ekman Krook, CFA


Alexander Öhrn, CFA

Vice President

Karin Larsson


Magdalena Högberg, CIPM, CFA


Niclas Düring



CFA Society Sweden operates through committee work, performed by members on a voluntary basis. Committee chairs suggest projects, activities and budgets to the Board. The Board approves committee budgets, where overall budget constraints and composition of member offerings are considered as we develop our service offering. We encourage all members to consider serving on one of our committees.

Executive Committee

The Board can select and hire a Chief Executive Officer or appoint an Executive Committee (EC) to manage ongoing business between Board meetings. The EC acts on behalf of, and within the powers granted to them by, the Board of Directors.

Nomination Committee