Geo-Economics – geopolitical dynamics and the practical link to investment strategies

Joachim Klement, in his groundbreaking book “Geo-Economics: The Interplay between Geopolitics, Economics, and Investments,” provides a unique perspective on international political economy (IPE) from an investor’s standpoint. Departing from traditional IPE scholarship, Mr Klement’s work focuses on the practical implications for markets and market prices, making it a must-read for scholars and investment management practitioners.

The book delves into significant international challenges such as US–China competition, energy and natural resources, data and cyber security, and climate change, approaching these issues as essential conflicts and exploring their potential resolutions. Klement’s insights bridge the gap between geopolitics and investment, offering a fresh and focused perspective that adds a new dimension to contemporary debates.

Joachim Klement presented his “Geo-Economics” in an exclusive webinar for CFA Society Sweden members on February 22nd. The presentation delved into the interplay between geopolitics, economics, and investments.


Klement’s practical experience as an investor sets this work apart, providing a poignant translation of the logic of conflict into the logic of the markets. Unlike other texts that offer a historical perspective, “Geo-Economics” delivers a unique and insightful connection between geopolitical dynamics and investment strategies.

Please have a look at Mr Klement´s full book here. The presentation from the webinar can be found here.

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